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Next iPod, Iphone 5, Ipad to Feature 3D display without Glasses

A source within the company which supplies Apple’s displays told Japanese Apple fan blog Macotakara that the company is ready to manufacture glasses free 3D displays for iPod Touch.

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talltony4701d ago

Oh man I was gonna get the iPhone 5 anyways but if true this is just iceing on the cake.

Undeadwolfy4701d ago

Maybe the iPod 6th Gen, iPhone 6 and iPad 3, judging by the milking of their devices.

STiRacer4701d ago

The good old apple business model "only add one new meaningful feature and and our new cool gadget is ready for launch".

DarthBigE4701d ago

i dont see it happening, will get too dirty and mess up the 3d image. I think thats why nintendo didnt make the bottom screen of the 3ds 3d because smudges distorted the 3d image.

Syko4701d ago

After seeing this tech first hand at CES, it is far from being ready for a mainstream device IMO.

Techsmith4700d ago

I agree, that's why i doubt Apple would integrate it with the iPhone.

daghost11254700d ago

good old iphone falling further and further behind the curve. Apple will eventually out 3d display and say it revolutionary and give some marketing name IE retina display. And all the isheep will flock to it as if its the greatest thing since slice bread. 3D tech is not new in a phone developers already showed it off the Nexus One. without glasses


This Black Friday deal has convinced me to buy an Apple Watch SE 2nd Gen

Aleksha writes: "Amazon is currently offering one of the lowest prices we've ever seen on the Apple Watch SE 2nd Gen, and now I'm interested in getting one."

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Apple's M3 Chip Upgrades GPU, Focuses on Gaming Performance

Apple has unveiled its new M3 processors and all three chips include a significant improvement to the GPU side. Unquestionably, the M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max will offer a faster CPU performance, however, GPU-focused advancements improve graphics capabilities to enhance professional and gaming experience.

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21d ago

Google to launch Pixel 8 Pro with a free Pixel Watch 2

Google is reportedly going to release its upcoming Pixel 8 Pro smartphone with a free Pixel Watch 2.

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