Kinect + Projector = Hadouken

This video showing some guy using a Kinnect and projector to create virtual light sources is pretty damn impressive. The ability to "throw" light is a bonus too.

fatstarr4698d ago

pretty cool the amount of things you can do with a hacked kinect is cool.

toaster4697d ago

Yeah some of the hacks are really sweet. I'm waiting for ASUS' motion control system before I decide if I want motion or not for my PC.


Microsoft’s Kinect Finds New Life Helping Parkinson’s Patients

NRM: "A team at Brunel University London has developed a new system, which helps people with Parkinson’s disease overcome debilitating walking problems."

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Use your Kinect as a webcam thanks to a new update

Your Kinect just got a bit more connected. This weekend, Microsoft announced two major new updates to its popular sensor, making good on old promises.

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2576d ago

The day the movement stopped: Xbox One Kinect gestures are dead

The 'New Xbox One Experience' software update, which launches tomorrow, will kill off support for Kinect in the Xbox One's user interface.

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