Mom Was On Facebook When Child Drowned

A Fort Lupton mother is scheduled to be arraigned Friday in the drowning of her 1-year-old son last September.

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toaster4344d ago

This is really sad, and a little pathetic. To think that parents would ignore kids so they can get a few more minutes in Cafe World :| makes me sick. Hope she gets what she deserves.

menoyou4343d ago

well its facebook so it doesnt matter. if it was a video game or something else the liberal media hates, then you would see them calling for new regulations or bans!

AssassinHD4343d ago

She left a seizure prone 13-month old child in the bathtub alone because she didn't want to tell her baby "no". There is no defense against that. Parents who neglect their children, or who try to be a friend to their children instead of a parent make me sick.

IRetrouk4343d ago

you can be a friend and a parent to your children, she was being neither when she decided facebook couldnt wait, it takes 10 mins max to bath a baby, i hope she suffers like that poor child did.

insomnium24343d ago

I wouldn't leave 2yo alone in bathtub for one second. 13 months? The woman either wanted to get rid of the baby or is insane. There is no way a 13 months old baby would have the comprehension to be able to stay alive in a bathtub. I have 2 children who were babies just a couple of years ago so I know this.