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Browser Benchmark Wars: How does Firefox 4 Beta 9 stand up?

BT: "With Firefox 4 beta 9 impressing the crowds, we decided to do a benchmark test of all the major browsers on the market to see who comes out on top."

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toaster4700d ago

Doesn't look too impressive, I'll stick to Chrome.

Speed-Racer4700d ago (Edited 4700d ago )

Statistically it doesn't unfortunately. I;m still with the fox though because I just like how it's set up for web development purposes. I don't wanna give in to the Google train either... I pretty much use a ton of their services already :/

Anarki4700d ago

I made the jump over a year ago and very rarely use firefox now. The only times I DO use firefox is for websites that look abit dodgy and I need the added security.


Chrome and Firefox Brand The Pirate Bay As a "Phishing" Site Again

Chrome and Firefox are again blocking direct access to The Pirate Bay's download pages. According to Google's safe browsing program, is a "deceptive site" that may steal user information. The TPB crew has been alerted to the issue and hope it will be resolved soon.

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Dasteru2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Yeah, that is Google being stupid as usual. Both Chrome & Firefox use Googles faulty attack protection layer. Chrome obviously being made by Google. Not sure how to disable it in Chrome since i do not use that garbage but in Firefox just go to Tools > Options > Security, & uncheck "Block Dangerous and Deceptive Content".


Which browser is best for battery life: We test Edge vs. Chrome vs. Opera vs. Firefox

PC World - It's a power struggle for the age of the web, as we test major browsers in a carefully controlled battery-rundown test. Which one will kill your laptop first? The answer's not as simple as you'd think.

Devil-X2707d ago

Opera is the best for mobiles though


Chrome, Firefox and Safari Block Pirate Bay as "Phishing" Site

Chrome, Firefox and Safari are actively blocking direct access to The Pirate Bay. According to the browsers, is a "deceptive site" or "web forgery," that may steal user information. The TPB crew has been alerted to the issue, and hope it will be resolved soon.

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EXTREMETECH2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Oh gosh!! This news really hurt me as i used to download each and every media from piratebay. If the points that it can steal data from our pc's are right then i will say that they did right.

Speed-Racer2763d ago

Stealing is illegal. *calls cops on you*

ISHU2762d ago

Don't send him to jail he's a good friend.

What about internet explorer(or Edge).....does it happens on them too?

2762d ago