Can AMD's eight-core Bulldozer crush Intel?

TechRadar - Can AMD's upcoming Bulldozer processors possibly compete with the latest second-generation Intel Core chips, the bonkers-quick CPU otherwise known as Sandy Bridge?

Bulldozer isn't due out until later this year but we can now give you the beginnings of an answer: yes, no and maybe.

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toaster4341d ago

Hopefully, I was going to wait for Bulldozer to upgrade but if it takes too long Sandy Bridge will have to do. If Bulldozer's graphics are on 5870 level then Intel will have a tough time competing, and knowing AMD's pricing trends the new APU will be relatively cheap.

Syko4341d ago

AMD seems to be constantly coming up short lately against Intel, I will be in the market for another PC by the end of the year so I am going to wait it out and see but I honestly don't see AMD matching Sandy Bridge. On no basis other than recent history.