Hydro H60 - more water coolers from Corsair

Component maker Corsair continues its venture with cooling solutions and water is still an important ingredient. Corsair Hydro H60 is the latest addion to the cooling family and was developed by CoolIT. The cooler is, just like the other Corsair coolers, a closed system.

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TechGage: Corsair H60 Self-Contained Liquid CPU Cooler Review

TechGage: It's time to turn a new page in the Techgage book with the breaking in of our latest CPU cooler and hard drive testing system. This has been a long time coming and I'm excited to be able to offer readers some comparison numbers before any money is shelled out on gear to keep temperatures down or push storage capacity up, so pick your poison. We have you covered.

I can't think of a better way to kick things off than with a look at Corsair's all-in-one liquid cooler, the H60. Corsair had partnered initially with Asetek, an OEM that is well known for supplying custom cooling systems to some of the largest system builders.

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Corsair H60 Liquid Cooling station review (AMD) | TheGamingExperience

TheGamingExperience brushes off their AMD shoes (yes shoes) and gets chill with Corsairs H60 Liquid Cooling station.

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Mr_Anderson4548d ago

Has a great look to it, but the stock coolers are so good now and the Sandy Bridge chips are running so cool even when overclocked that these are less and less needed. Other chips this is needed to push them farther though.

michass84547d ago

Yeah, it does looks amazing:)

TheGamingExperience4547d ago

Personally, if you want amazing looks, go with the H70. Of course if you are looking for low-profile then the H60 is good


OCClub: Corsair H60 Water Cooling Kit Review

The H60 is compatible with just about any processor core that’s still worth anything, from all the way back to Intel 775 through 1155, 1156, and 1366 — so that includes even the new Core i5 and Sandy Bridge. AMD support covers both AM2 and AM3 as well, with no custom backplate. Furthermore, Corsair uses a new micro-channel cold plate among other new technologies into its design of the H60, as well as providing an all new fan that offers the enhanced static pressure that is required by high-density water cooling radiators.

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