Firefox 4 Beta 9 is crazy fast

If you haven’t tried out Firefox’s new Beta 9, please get with it.
Unlike the older versions of Firefox 4 betas, this one is actually very stable and runs superbly fast. Firefox 4 brings a ton of new updates including a total redesign, Sync tool to stay synchronized with all your mobile and PC devices, and a better way of managing tabs and add-ons.

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xino4337d ago

fast eh?
how fast is it compared to Chrome?

because I dislike Firefox now!
i used to use it until I switched to Chrome.
8It ran at normal speed, watching flash animations can sometimes slow
8it down and make it hang.
8it EATS up the damn memory!

chrome is so nice, the only problem is people have to develop tools for it and you need to look for them.

ChickeyCantor4337d ago

FF always had memory problems, at least when i used it.

Chrome is delight.

RedDevils4337d ago

True I love Chrome ever since I switch to it, both Chrome and Opera imo are much better more faster and smoother

ChickeyCantor4337d ago

the only reason people like so much, are for the plugins.

But most of them are already made for chrome.

Speed-Racer4337d ago

Well apparently just as fast as Chrome, which is pretty awesome. The new javascript engine has made a significant difference. Memory still seems a bit heavy, but never bothered me cause I have like 6GB ram ... it used to cross 1.5GB of cache sometimes and still never lagged :/ slowed pcs may feel the pinch though. I tried this on my old PC (2.6Mhz Celeron, 256MB RAM) and it works fast just like chrome... finally my parents can go back to using Fox with adblock... they keep clicking those stupid lottery ads -.-

Chrome is just too light in terms of 3rd party apps, and viewing images on the fly is a bit tedious. Also, Adblock Plus beats the rest.

dkgshiz4337d ago

Pretty average. Chrome still runs laps around Firefox. Firefox is just good for add ons.

Finalfantasykid4337d ago

I've always found firefox to be faster than chrome(I'm also using Ubuntu btw). Even if it is technically not faster(by miliseconds most likely), the two browsers seem to draw the websites very differently. If you go to a webpage for example, and then reload it, in Chrome it starts all the way from scratch(a blank white screen, and then adds the images and such), but in firefox it keeps the old screen if nothing has changed. If something changed it only redraws that part of the page making it much more pleasant to look at, and to me that is faster.

dkgshiz4337d ago (Edited 4337d ago )

My experience with Firefox was excellent until my little friend Chrome made an appearance. I have been using Chrome since it has been available on Linux and Mac. Whats nice about Firefox 4 is its supporting graphics acceleration. I'm sure Chrome will follow with it to. Still as I said, I tried the beta today and Chrome runs much better for me. Everything is like night and day compared to Firefox with Chrome. Not trying to hate on Firefox. I personally think they're support for linux has been lacking. Firefox on Ubuntu has always been a half par experience compared to it on Windows or Mac. When I scroll through websites with flash or anything I notice a lot of screen tearing on the pages and it seems sluggish. Its not my graphics card or anything. I have used ubuntu and firefox on 6 different computers and always experience the same thing. Chrome is smooth as silk and no problems.

FaSCoRP4337d ago

I agree with the add-ons pick. Adblock Plus and Xmarks are the best

Speed-Racer4337d ago

Gonna post a benchmark test later tonight