Facebook Shares Hit $28.26 Per Share, That’s a $70+ Billion Valuation

The SecondMarket Facebook shares auctions are back on after a holiday break, and the valuation is up big time. The last auction prior to this one closed December 15 at $22.75/share. Today it hit $28.26 per share. With 2. 5 billion or so shares outstanding, that’s a $70.65 billionish valuation.

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TheColbertinator3603d ago

Holy crap that is ridiculous.I thought the Microsoft and Apple surges in the 90s were record breaking but Facebook is the spear on the internet world right now

Syko3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )



Captain Tuttle3603d ago

I smell a bubble getting ready to burst.

Speed-Racer3602d ago

Unlikely if they keep up with their new trends. That's why FB is so good... rather than just leaving the site as is for many years, they keep adding new stuff.