Engadget: Aigo A8 / Leo 14 megapixel cameraphone hands-on (video)

Engadget: We were wandering the floor at CES just before the end of the show when we stumbled upon this oddly familiar device. It's the Aigo A8 -- née Altek Leo -- an Android cameraphone (more like a phonecamera, really) destined for China Unicom that sports a 14 megapixel autofocus camera with a CCD sensor, xenon flash, 3x optical zoom, and support for 720p HD video recording.

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toaster4348d ago (Edited 4348d ago )

Really? 14 megapixels? What is that doing on a phone.. My Panasonic GF1 is 12.1. Of course mp isn't everything, but that's still an absurd amount of pixels.