The PlayStation Phone, Torn Apart

Kotaku: Never mind that we've seen the PSPhone in action, Sony still hasn't officially confirmed the product's existence. Oh well. One Chinese website just apparently ripped the thing wide open.


WCC and Microsoft trick out a Mustang to be controllable with Windows Phone

MobileBliss: Microsoft and West Coast customs team up to trick out a Ford Mustang with Windows Phone control.

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Xperia Play coming February 13th. Countdown on SE facebook site

Finally, Sony has announced the Xperia Play on Facebook (Known as PlayStation Phone for a while). With the announcement shown at the Superbowl halftime, Sony Ericsson posted a site for the Xperia Play with the release date and a countdown for the phone. If you missed the commercial for the phone, you can check it now below. This is exciting news because if you notice on the top right corner of the commercial it said "PlayStation Certified." With a February 13th release date, this phone might be one everyone wants to grab. Will you get this phone, wait for the ngp(PSP2), or get both?

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_Q_4684d ago

Im pretty underwhelmed by this phone. There really isnt a whole lot of wow factor. Thats the only way I can describe it.

Anarki4684d ago

I see sony is back to their old game with the freaky adverts..

-Mezzo-4684d ago

Weel, the AD was weird, i never got interested in Sony Ericsson's Cellphones & this phone also failed to capture my interest.

silvacrest4684d ago

sounds like your not interested in cell phones all together, nevermind SE offerings

-Mezzo-4684d ago

What gave you that idea,

_Q_4683d ago

lol *eyes mezzo's history* uhh...

michass84684d ago

Well I suppose the thumbs might be handy to operate this phone :)
Poor Android, just wondering, when will he get the other 'parts'...


PlayStation Phone to Get Superbowl Ad Debut

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play also known as the PlayStation Phone, will be debuted during a Superbowl advertisement.

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Sev4687d ago

With the Patriots not in the Superbowl, finally I have a reason to be excited again to watch the game.

doctorstrange4687d ago

With Sony ready to put this much coin behind it at the start, they must rely be planning on pushing it

T3mpr1x4685d ago

Yeah I'm hoping they really market the hell outta this.

NJShadow4687d ago

Absolutely cannot wait, definitely gonna be looking for this ad!

ftwrthtx4686d ago

We always watch all of the commercials at least twice. this one will be watched 4 or 5 times.

RAVEN814686d ago

i want it but it will be on rogers network

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