HardOCP: AMD 6970/6950 CFX and NVIDIA 580/570 SLI Review

HardOCP: Our evaluation today is going to consist of comparing the latest AMD and NVIDIA high-end video cards in a multi-GPU configuration. We are going to compare GeForce GTX 580 SLI, GeForce GTX 570 SLI, Radeon HD 6970 CrossFireX and Radeon HD 6950 CrossFireX. In order to put these video card combinations to the test, we need to test at higher resolutions, in a configuration that will benefit these technologies. We are going to test in AMD Eyefinity and NVIDIA NV Surround resolutions. We are using three Dell 2408WFP displays to run at 5760x1200 or 5040x1050 depending on what is playable.


Top Performing Low Cost Graphic Cards for less than 120$

"Buying a low cost video card can be tricky, specially if you want to use it to play the most recent games". This article gives a review on 3 of the top performing graphic cards that can be found for less than 120$, and that are able to run the most recent games with good image quality and good gaming experience.

Tzuno3155d ago

Just wait 2,3 months and you will get a GTX 960 at 120$ on some special sales, best deal out there performance price, now let's see AMD 300 series releasing...


Ultra Battlebox: Building a Battlefield 3 PC For Under $1,600

You can't get the full BF3 experience on a console, but what does it take to get it on a PC?

In an age of sloppy console ports, Battlefield 3 is a huge relief for PC gamers. Not only is the PC a “lead platform” for DICE’s flagship modern shooter, but we’re getting all the good stuff.

Any Neanderthal can slap together a $3,000 box and play Battlefield 3 like a dream, but that’s out of reach for most people. So we decided to build a machine that can play BF3 as nat...

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EVGA GeForce GTX 580 Classified Video Card Review (BmR)

BenchmarkReviews.com: EVGA designed the GTX 580 Classified to be the ultimate version of what the GTX 580 could be. It was co-designed between EVGA and professional overclockers Vince "k|ngp|n" Lucido, and Illya "TiN" Tsemenko with the single goal to overclock unlike any card out on the market while at the same time looking great, and staying cool. Benchmark Reviews will see if EVGA has perfected the Fermi equation to provide great looks, extraordinary cooling, and extreme overclocking ability.

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fatstarr4431d ago

this card is too beast. the classified stuff from EVGA always makes me drool
the benchmarks =Oo

im glad nvidia and ati/amd stopped churning out cards for a while.