Alienware outs its first first 3D gaming laptop - the M17x R3

Pocket-Lint - CES just wouldn't be CES without a new Alienware machine, and this year it's a real pearler. The new M17x (third revision) is Alienware’s first 3D-capable gaming laptop.

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lugia 40004708d ago

Ugh. I would buy it if it wasn´t so big.

toaster4707d ago

I wouldn't buy it anyways :3 gaming and laptop shouldn't be in the same sentence.

akaFullMetal4704d ago

hopefully it won't be junk like the r1 and the r2. My friend has been dealing with dell for 2 months on fixing the big r1 problem of it freezing in games. Then after about 2 months of switching cards and sending 2 replacemnt r1's they send him a r2 and now that is having problems. Geez I can't believe they have been able to release these without testing them.


Nvidia GT 650M on rMBP actually better than Nvidia GTX 660M

The Pundit Report writes: "Benchmark scores and performance reports from users which show how the overclocked 650m in the rMBP outperforms the Alienware m17x 660m when there is consistent demand, like gaming."

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ThePundit3996d ago

And it's just as expensive too. Love the picture of the alien mac though !

Appoid3996d ago

ppl usually say tht mac is more expensive than similar performing PCs.. this here are two similar performing devices at same price \m/


Alienware M17x Laptop Review | Capsule Computers

Capsule Computers: "The M17x is the current mid-range laptop in the Mnumberx line of laptops from Alienware. This product line contains the following machines: the M13x, M17x and the M18x laptops. Each one of these varies in power, with the M13x being the weakest and the M18x being the strongest and most powerful. The M17x is the unit that we have received and as a mid-range gaming laptop, you -really- can’t ask for anything better."

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Alienware M17x and M18x land new NVIDIA GTX680M graphics option

Engadget : Never one to let high-powered mobile gaming hardware pass it by, Alienware has announced that its endlessly-tweaked M17x and M18x will both get the chance to dance with NVIDIA's latest GPU belle.

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