Alienware outs its first first 3D gaming laptop - the M17x R3

Pocket-Lint - CES just wouldn't be CES without a new Alienware machine, and this year it's a real pearler. The new M17x (third revision) is Alienware’s first 3D-capable gaming laptop.

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lugia 40004351d ago

Ugh. I would buy it if it wasn´t so big.

toaster4350d ago

I wouldn't buy it anyways :3 gaming and laptop shouldn't be in the same sentence.

akaFullMetal4347d ago

hopefully it won't be junk like the r1 and the r2. My friend has been dealing with dell for 2 months on fixing the big r1 problem of it freezing in games. Then after about 2 months of switching cards and sending 2 replacemnt r1's they send him a r2 and now that is having problems. Geez I can't believe they have been able to release these without testing them.