Movea SmartMotion Air Mini Keyboard remote and Air Mouse revealed alongside Sunrex partnership

Engadget: Don't quote us on this, but we've got a feeling that remotes will be more than just remotes by the time 2012 rolls around. HDTV companies have been slyly adding motion support to their remotes here at CES, and with PrimeSense's technology going over so well in the Kinect, there's an obvious next-step when looking at TV control.

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Movea turns your iPhone 4 into an Air Mouse for HTPC use

SlashGear: Back in 2008 we talked about the Movea Air Mouse that would allow you to mouse on your HTPC or when giving a presentation with actually having a desk to mouse on. This sort of tech is very important in the living room where mouse input is needed, but hard to pull off in most instances.

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