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EVGA offers a sneak peek at Nvidia's next dual-GPU monster

The Tech Report: EVGA wouldn't give us many details about the card in question, but they did say it's a future dual-GPU product. Given that EVGA is an exclusive Nvidia partner, that essentially confirms something we've half expected for some time now: a dual-GPU, SLI-on-a-stick video card must be on the way, presumably as a member of the GeForce GTX 500 series.

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toaster4650d ago

That thing is a monster! Two 570s in SLI are incredible, and this new card is less expensive than a single 580 so it's a tremendous value.

ssean2274649d ago (Edited 4649d ago )

I just got a 570. Was thinking about picking up another for sli. Now I'm sad I didn't wait a little longer for this.


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