iPad 2 pictures leaked all over the internet, Is this it?

Appyzilla: These rumors about the design and features of the iPad 2 are killing me, I seriously don’t have a clue about who should I believe and now comes this piece of information which tells us that the photos of the much-awaited device of 2011 have been leaked on the internet in China.(Photos Inside)

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xer04284d ago

The iPad is a desirable piece of technology but If this is it... then i'm really dissapointed.

It just doesn't look like much.

Jonoc334284d ago

what were you expecting?

xer04283d ago

The bezel still looks rather chunky.

Andronix4284d ago

The first image looks like it has a widescreen, the others have the Sam proportions as the original iPad. The difference makes me doubt there authenticity.

Speed-Racer4283d ago

what? ignoring the cam and flash, wouldn't it be better if they standardized ports, so users don't have to have a million and one different cables dragging around the place? The EU just standarized microUSB cables on cell phones with 14 big manufacturers, with Apple being one of those corps. A good idea imo.

Sevir044283d ago

It needs a camera for both pictures video and video conference and 4g!!! personally i'll go with honeycomb on either the Xoom or samsung's New Galaxy tab S2 with dual core processors or something else! prolly the new play book!

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