Mac OS X gets installed on Sandy Bridge, instructions available for the willing

Engadget: Mac OS X getting installed on the latest Intel hardware before it's officially supported by Apple? Shocking, we know, but you can rest assured that some intrepid individuals have already taken the plunge and installed Snow Leopard on some brand new Sandy Bridge hardware, and they've thankfully provided some instructions so you can too.

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Apple hints at future ‘MacOS’ name change on new environmental webpage

Earlier today, Apple unveiled the beginnings of its efforts for Earth Day 2016, and with it came an updated webpage that aims to answer all sorts of questions about Apple and its focus on the environment. One tidbit of information on that page, however, is that instead of referring to its desktop operating system as OS X, Apple again has referred to it as MacOS.

gizmig2784d ago

This might be the indication that it will be called as MacOS in the future.


Apple’s apps need work

In the last couple of years, I’ve noticed a gradual degradation in the quality and reliability of Apple’s core apps, on both the mobile iOS operating system and its Mac OS X platform. It’s almost as if the tech giant has taken its eye off the ball when it comes to these core software products, while it pursues big new dreams, like smartwatches and cars.

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shadowknight2032854d ago

Working in a cellular activation repair and service center i can say first hand all android devices suffer from ALOT more internal software issues than ios devices. LG mainly but even Samsung phones come through my door everyday. Worst thing i see in iphones is multiple devices using the apple id and causing text message problems. But thats a rare occurance

shadowknight2032854d ago

I havent noticed any problems with my ios core apps. Not a mac user so i cant attest to the latter


6 things we wish Mac OS X learns from Windows 10

I have been an ardent MacBook user right from the day I moved out of college. Such has been a dedication to my trusted MacBook Pro, that I have not touched a Windows machine, even for a quick browsing session, right since the days of Windows 7.

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