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Iomega Personal Cloud devices host your data, not your water vapor

Engadget: Finally, a new flavor of Iomega that the EMC fanboys can find palatable. The bigger company consumed the smaller back in 2008 and, while we've seen plenty of products since then, none have really brought the two together like the new Personal Cloud edition of the Home Media Network Hard Drives. In theory, anyway.

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PC World - Iomega Skin Radical portable hard drive Review

PC World - Imoega isn't particularly well known for crafting hip 'n' happening hard drives. Since its acquisition by EMC, the company has positioned itself in the SMB/SOHO markets — with predictably vanilla results. But all that is set to change with the release of the Iomega Skin Radical; a 500GB USB 2.0 SATA hard drive that puts style and swankiness at the forefront.

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Iomega pushes ahead with USB 3.0 transition, promises to keep drives at USB 2.0 prices

Engadget: Iomega's already begun its transition to SuperSpeed USB 3.0 hard drives, but it's making a bit more news on that front today -- it's announced that it plans to keep all its USB 3.0 hard drives at USB 2.0 prices.

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Iomega's 500GB 'Skin' external HDDs boast designs your mom wouldn't approve of

Engadget: For better or worse, these ain't your grandmother's hard drives. Iomega has teamed up with Skin Industries in order to debut some of the wildest, zaniest looking 2.5-inch portable HDDs this planet has ever seen, with a trio of designs shipping today.

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