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Xbox Toaster Is Awesome, Sadly Doesn’t Toast Bread

Botchweed: "So, here it is – some guy decided that he was unhappy with the current visual styling of the Xbox 360, and therefore decided that, due to the current economic climate combined with a penchant for toasters, toast and all things related to bread that has been heated to increase delicousness, a toaster-themed Microsoft-created gaming device would, clearly, be the most logical design decision for the console. He was right."

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Killer64654d ago

Seeing that disk go into that toaster is crazy :D

TheStee4654d ago

I would eat my games. No doubt about it.

EddyD4654d ago

I'm trying to think of other things that need to be randomly mashed together, lol.

TabbyBW4654d ago

Wii + Microwave just for the danger!

fatstarr4654d ago

I want to see a gamecube xbox 360.

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