OC3D: ASUS Maximus IV Extreme Review

OC3D: So if the new Intel chips have got you slavering, you must be considering a motherboard to put them in. Of course there will soon be a swathe of new boards from the usual manufacturers ready to tempt you.

Today we'll be looking at the latest in the long line of 'Extreme' motherboards from Asus. Nomenclature makes it easy to see what series this is part of, as the Rampage is for the top-end Intel CPUs, the Crosshair for the AMD chips, and the Maximus for the middle-range Intel processor line-up.

Last time we saw a Maximus board it was the Maximus III designed for the LGA1156 socket P55 chips, so it makes sense that for their replacement we have the Maximus IV.

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toaster4292d ago

What a beast board, too high end for my needs but still nice. I'd like to see more red/black themed boards for mid-range prices since I really want a reb/black themed build. Would go sweet with a G19/G9x kb/m combo on the desk. ROG boards are on eof the best performing boards on the market and even though they are aimed at gamers, the ROG line is used by professionals and extreme overclockers as well. ASUS is great.