FastMac U-Socket delayed yet again, now supposedly shipping in January

Engadget: Remember the $10 FastMac U-Socket that first turned up way back in December of 2009 and was then beset by a number of delays that most recently led to a promised October ship date and inflated $20 price tag? Well, it didn't ship then either, but the company is now apparently telling customers that it's really, finally getting ready to ship the USB-equipped power socket sometime next month (despite a note on the company's website that still says it's shipping "mid-December").

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Engadget - FastMac U-Socket Review

Engadget - FastMac's U-Socket may have veered perilously closer to vaporware territory after what seemed like an endless series of delays, but it finally started shipping out back in January to those patient enough to hang onto their pre-order, and we recently got our hands on one to see if it was really worth the wait.

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fatstarr4639d ago

thats pretty bad ass.
but so much hassle to instal and get it working...