Teenager got Punched for not turning off his iPhone during takeoff

A 68-year old man named Russell Miller punched a 15-year-old teenager after the boy denied to switch off his iPhone.

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RememberThe3573919d ago

That kid is a little bitch.

Sahil3919d ago

Come on man, he's just a 15-year old injured kid

xino3918d ago

that is stupid!

so let the stupid kid who can interfere with communicate and crash the plane run free while you arrested the man who did the right thing by dealing with the trash kid to save everyone on plane:/

neoragex3918d ago

lol... I thought the same thing, than man is a savior, for heaven's sake!

Shani3918d ago

Agree.. they should have kicked out the kid from the plane for not following the rules. poor old man..