The top technology disappointments of 2010

Which? Convo: We’ve had a cracker of a year for tech, but there’s also been some duds and disappointments dampening 2010′s technology darlings. The Which? Tech team has decided to run down their biggest disappointments of 2010.

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techie4290d ago

My biggest disappointment has to be the iPhone 4 - felt a bit like Apple lost their mojo with that. iPad brought it back though.

toaster4290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )

Really? iPhone 4 is pretty cool in my opinion. It's not exactly original but what it has is polished to a sheen. But yeah the iPad took the tech world by storm, haters gonna hate but you can't deny that it is truly a landmark device.

techie4290d ago

Yeah - it just didn't feel... complete. Lots of cool tech, but Apple's meant to go the extra mile. I think they need another shot at it. First iPhone only made it good at the 3GS.