Reverse-Engineering the Nexus S

PCWorld: If you’re anything like me, Google’s big Android announcement earlier this month was big news for a couple of reasons: Gingerbread, and, almost more importantly, the fabled Nexus S. Why this is important news to you may differ from me, though.

I see the phone itself as nothing special, really. I already have a Galaxy S (Captivate), so I already own the same basic hardware. The same thing that makes it nothing special is also what makes it so exciting, though. The various folks that build custom ROMs for these devices are also very excited--so much so that they've already rooted the Nexus S. I’m hoping with every fiber of my being that this means we'll soon see a custom ROM for Gingerbread on my Captivate. (I currently use Designgear’s Perception Build 7.UGJK3.)

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