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Tegra 2 GPU detailed

Fudzilla: We have already told you about Tegra 2 and its capability to render 71 million triangles per second.

Now we can give you some more details. Its Peak Fill Rate with Z reject is 1200 million pixels per second and it also has programmable pixel shader. Furthermore Tegra 2 has programmable vertex and lightning engine as well as CSAA (Coverage Sampling Aliasing).

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2nd Gen Snapdragon Blows Tegra 2 Away

Qualcomm is pretty proud of their latest generation of Snapdragon mobile processors and isn’t afraid to show up the competition. Nvidia’s dual-core Tegra 2 is a fast little chip but Qualcomm has countered it’s speed and then some.

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fatstarr4496d ago

wowowow thats pretty fast compared to tegra 2 the competition is gona heat up in the coming year i cant wait to see all the processors coming out for the mobile side haaha its starting to bring more excitement to me than the desktop line of processors.


Tablet shocker! MSI WindPad 100A packs Tegra 2 and will ship with Honeycomb

Engadget: At this point, MSI has been showing off its 10-inch Android tablet for a good half a year, but at least this time it's coming clean with some specs, and they're actually not half bad.

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Asus EEE Pad EP90 to show up in March 2011 with Tegra 2 We know now that the code name for one of ASUS’s EEE Pad devices is EP90. We know it will use the Tegra 2 Chipset and we suppose it will run Windows 7 Embedded Compact, an OS we know little about, except the official announcement from Microsoft. Today found out that ASUS is working hard on bringing the tablet to market as soon as possible, with a rumored launch date of March 2011.

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