Minecraft enters beta, now version 1.0


The much loved Minecraft has now moved past alpha stages and into Beta as version 1.0. The developers promise to polish the game further and provide content. They will first create a more stable API and proper modding support. This should bring some more creativity into the game like our article earlier this year about the guy who made the 1:1 scale model of the Starship Enterprise D.

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You'll soon need a Microsoft account to play any version of Minecraft

Minecraft, which has been a mainstream title since before Microsoft bought it in 2014, will soon see a big change. It won’t be in the gameplay, but instead, how you log into the game.

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This AI powered 3d camera can put your world into Minecraft

3D cameras are on the rise, and this soon-launching Indiegogo campaign from industry veterans Evomotion adds a new twist to the market with their Wunder360 S1. Utilizing AI and deep learning, the dual-lens 360-degree camera can replicate a 3D reconstruction of what it captures, into popular programs such as Minecraft.

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Oculus shows off first-look of Minecraft for Gear VR and it’s mehhh

Minecraft in all its blocky glory is setting up shop on mobile virtual reality on the Samsung Gear VR.

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