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Google Reminds us Laptop Hell is a Real Place

MaximumPC: Google’s new Chrome OS doesn’t have much going for it if you’re a power user, but an innovative new YouTube ad campaign might just make you think twice about the benefits of cloud computing.

The video itself is only about 5 minutes long, but the notebook death toll hits a whopping 25 machines which all face horrendous slow motion demises. I could try and describe each one to you, but let’s just summarize by saying Google wants to remind you that Laptop hell is a real place, and at the moment it’s filled with CR-48’s.

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Speed-Racer4667d ago

BULLCRAP... that's just an excuse to get you to use their cloud. Nonsense


Google Ends Cr-48 Notebook Shipments, Preps For Partner Releases

If you missed the opportunity to receive a Cr-48 from Google, than you’re out of luck. The software giant has officially ended the Pilot Program and no longer accepting applications. Rumors has Google and its hardware partners getting ready to mass produce some devices with Chrome OS, but no one has yet to make an announcement.

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Google Chrome OS Notebook: Likes, Dislikes and the In-Betweens

PC Mag - No one seated around me on the train noticed that I was tapping away on a rare-bird—a Chrome OS Notebook. It looked like virtually any other laptop on the market, except with a soupcon less flash. The interface is familiar to at least 10 percent of the Web browsing market; so no one's curiosity was piqued by the tabbed interface. In other words, I was easily incognito with my Google Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook.


Chrome OS Netbook Waves Goodbye to the Caps Lock Key

Google yesterday lifted the curtain from its CR-48 Chrome OS netbook (if you want to get your mitts on one, you'll have to apply for the Pilot Program and make a compelling argument of why you're a solid candidate), and may have killed the Caps Lock key in the process.

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