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NEC Plans To Reveal A Dual-screen Android Tablet At CES

Hot Hardware - NEC plans to show off a dual-screen tablet running on Android at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. According to reports, the new tablet will resemble the LifeTouch tablet that NEC announced last month for the Japanese market. The original LifeTouch tablet has a single 7-inch touchscreen.

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toaster4732d ago

I have a feeling Apple will own the show with an iPad 2 reveal. A dual screen tablet would be awesome, but right now all the Android tablets are really weak compared to the mighty iPad. Hoping some big names like Motorola and LG come up with something spectacular for CES.


NEC uses sound echoes in your ear as biometric authentication

Security is a bit of a minefield at the moment. Passwords need to be difficult to guess, two-factor authentication is less than perfect, and then there’s the proliferation of apps to control access to services. It all adds up to a growing amount of security solutions we as individuals have to manage. Then we have biometrics, which replaces all that security with a unique aspect of your body, be it a fingerprint, iris scan, or now even the unique sound echo created by your ear.


NEC wants to transform your forearm into a virtual keyboard

As we hurl ourselves into the future, typing on a smartphone will be a thing of the past.

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Google to back US-Japan high-speed internet Trans-Pacific undersea cable project

Google has announced that it will be backing a major trans-pacific undersea cable system called “FASTER”. The new 6-fiber-pair cable will be capable of transmitting data as an initial speed of 6Tbps (100Gbps x 100 wavelengths x 6 fiber-pairs) between the United States and Japan.

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Cryptcuzz3400d ago

Sign me up for this right away when available. Love what Google is going with Google fiber, so naturally I'm excited about this too.

kingPoS3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

On one hand, I'm dismayed at what they've done to twitch tv. On the other, I want to pump my fist as they help to revitalise the US's stagnant network infrastructure.