LifeHacker: Microsoft Security Essentials 2 Released, Still the Best Darn Antivirus Around

LifeHacker: Microsoft's next version of Security Essentials is actually a pretty great update from its already-great predecessor. Microsoft's option has always been adequate at finding new malware without definitions, but the addition of an heuristic engine bumps its power up quite a bit. It may be subject to a few more false positives, but you're much less likely to get hit with malware than ever before.

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Speed-Racer4300d ago


surprising how MS is actually doing the right stuff these days... windows 7 = awesome, windows mobile 7 = pretty decent, MS essentials = one of the best home virus protectors around.

SkyGamer4300d ago

I actually like Micrsoft Security Essentials. Micrsoft has really good Anti-virus and for free. Yes I used "free" and "really good" and "Microsoft" all in the same sentence. Wow!

ForzaGT4299d ago (Edited 4299d ago )

this is worth it