Social Networks: Who's In and Who's Out for 2011

Are you the one of many who run a website and want some social exposure? Here is the list of social ‘who’s hot and who’s not’ for 2011.

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Captain Tuttle4307d ago

No TechSpy!!??

Yeah, I know N4G is on the list :p

Speed-Racer4307d ago

TechSpy isnt big enough yet I guess... Might better be off with Slashdot or something. But hey, at least the site has a big techspy button :P

toaster4307d ago

TechSpy definitely needs more active users. N4G is big though, but it's not all rainbows and butterflies. 60% of article comments are fanboys throwing poop at each other. The forums are much better and have a nicer community.

I agree digg has to go, I quit digg after the site update a while back. reddit is so much better.

Horny Melon4306d ago

I'm surprised they didn't talk about It has by far the most interesting features of any of the music sites.