Facebook for Android Updated, Now Includes Chat

The application Fabebook for Android was updated today, and includes some song awaited features. The most important new feature is that it is now full support for chat. This is something that many users have requested. Push-notifications is also supported in the new version.

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Speed-Racer4262d ago

I wish someone could tell me how to disable the notifications for regular posts like walls, comments etc but keep the notifs for messages, friend requests and so on. There seems to be no option.

fatstarr4255d ago

I cant wait to get my galaxy S :D,

I never get notified on my computers, Zune or phone I dont know how though.

Speed-Racer4255d ago

They added the option in the app settings to turn on the notifications. It drives me crazy now haha. Im on my pc on fb and everytime someone comments on something i did, my phone vibrates at the same time.

fatstarr4255d ago

if you are extra busy on facebook it might kill your battery