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Gawker hack leads to Twitter acai spam

Download Squad - It's bad enough that a database of 1.3 million user passwords from Gawker Media sites was hacked and posted online over the weekend, but it gets worse. It turns out that many of those users didn't set unique passwords for all their online accounts. Now, a large number of Twitter accounts have been compromised and used to spam bogus links about acai berries.

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jakewright4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

If you think the hype, açaí berries are magic fruits, with tons of antioxidant benefits. Scientific studies and Twitter users have both found the tales to be more trash than anything. Mashable accounts that thousands of Twitter customers have suffered through a new ad trash assault known as Gawker hacking sprouts acainews Twitter spam assault. Based on reports, over 10,000 unauthorized tweets have been posted about acai berries and their intended magic.