T-Mobile G2 On Sale, Only $49.99

TmoNews - As the Holiday season is in full swing, T-Mobile is getting ready for the holidays and providing some pretty sweet deals. The latest deal includes T-Mobile’s first 4G handset, the T-Mobile G2. Magenta is offering the G2 for only $49.99 with a new 2-year agreement. The offer is only available online, through T-Mobile.com.


4G Shootout: Sprint WiMax vs. T-Mobile HSPA+ vs. Verizon LTE

To give you an idea of the real-world performance offered by Sprint WiMax, T-Mobile HSPA+, and Verizon LTE, RPad.tv ran some speed tests in three cities. The site used a Sprint Epic 4G, a T-Mobile G2, and an HTC Thunderbolt at LAX (Los Angeles), SFO (San Francisco), and JFK (New York). Here are the results.

fatstarr4630d ago

another one of those interesting pictures.

verizon is seriously serious with this 4g thing. those numbers are incredible especially when compared to the competition.

rpad4630d ago

Please note that the upload speeds are almost definitely not correct. There's an issue with Speedtest.net and LTE uploads.

fatstarr4630d ago

even if there weren't issues i think the results would be the same

rpad4630d ago

I don't think so. As I noted in the article, Verizon claims upload speeds from 2 to 5 Mbps. The results were far, far beyond that. The download speeds seem pretty accurate (and awesome).


LG Optimus 2X expected to be launched as T-mobile G2x in US

The shot is about some promotion (which advertises that you can win a G-Slate, LG’s Android tablet) but still, it’s a pretty clear indication that T-Mobile will carry the dual-core Optimus 2X droid.

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How would you change the T-Mobile G2?

Engadget: Outside of the Nexus One (and recently-launched Nexus S, of course), T-Mobile's G2 is about as close as one can get to stock build of Android. 'Course, it's now a point release behind Gingerbread, but we're hoping that'll be remedied in short order.

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