PCPerspective: Alienware M11x 11-in Core i7-640UM Gaming Notebook Review

PCPerspective: I've never been much for portable gaming systems. In my life I've bought a Gameboy, a DS, and a DS Lite – and each time I've sold the system within a few months of having made the purchase. This buy-sell-buy-sell trend is the result of an internal conflict that I have yet to resolve. I love the idea of portable gaming, but I’m not a fan of the often cutesy and limited games usually found on these systems.

Alienware's M11x provides a possible solution. It's not a hand-held system, but it's portable enough to carry around in a small messenger bag or even a large purse. Gaming netbook is a term I've heard used, and it's a description that feels accurate even though it's technically incorrect. The M11x combines the smaller-is-better trend prevalent in consumer electronics with Alienware's brand of big, chunky, high-end gaming laptops.

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