Early adopters pay high price for new technology

Which? Convo: Apparently Brits are early adopters of communications technologies, like smartphones. But, for me, I think that this means many of us are paying a high price for such faith in new devices.

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fatstarr4740d ago

its pretty much common sense, you are basically going to be a test subject so you should always wait untill later. only few pieces of technology escape this rule like the 3DS... ( well i can smell a price drop anyway).

techie4740d ago

Why has the 3DS escaped it? I always wait for a price cut. Like with the PS3 - the PS2 had two price cuts in its first year (in the UK) and I knew the PS3 would too...so I waited 12 months. And low and behold...

JoySticksFTW4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Actually, Sony PS3 has proven that early adopter status is not a bad thing at times.

If you were willing to paying the entrance fee, the 60gb / 20gb launch PS3's are easily superior to the later models including the slims

Features have been pulled since launch to drop the price.

I really wish Sony would make a PS3 deluxe line, which adds in the original launch features again.

More USB ports, and I regularly use BC for PS2 games. And audiophiles might appreciate a PS3 Deluxe edition as well.

Plus, PS3 was the first Blu-ray player for many, and was one of the main players in the HD-DVD v Blu-ray format war. The same format war that gave both sides ridiculous movie deals every other day to sway us to one side...

I actually miss those days, because I made out like a bandit with a bunch of cheap movies :)

toaster4739d ago

This has always been the case with technology. You buy a product, and a couple months down the road the price cuts happen or a refresh brings a better and improved product. Take for example the now EOL GTX 480. When it released, it was stupid fast, but there were many drawbacks. Now just this past week nVidia has dropped the GTX 570, a GPU not only better performance, but better cooling along with most importantly a better (lower) price tag. You get the performance of the then $500 GPU now for $350.

techie4739d ago

Yes that's true, though I was lucky to get the BC 60GB version - I always think you should wait at least a year.


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