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10 Chrome OS apps to start with

Pocket-Lint - Google has officially unveiled its Google Chrome OS - an operating system that the search engine giant hopes will get more people on the web as well as offering an alternative to Microsoft's Windows 7 and Apple's Snow Leopard OS. There are plenty of advantages to the new OS, not least the fact that it will be completely free, although it will only work on products approved and launched by Google.

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toaster4307d ago

The state of the app store right now is weak, I have some of the better apps but there is a very distinct tack of good quality apps. Most of them just link to the site and don't have a 'App' interface.

My current favorite app on the Chrome store is Grooveshark. Great for music. I wish more devs would make use of HTML5 since that is Chrome's strong point. Many of these apps are still Flash based and really crappy.