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Make Your Own TSA “Naked” Scanner

Have you ever wanted to ability to see through objects? Perhaps you have been looking for something special for your own personal TSA role playing adventures? Well, Jeri Ellsworth has your back.

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New 3D bag scanner at JFK could eventually mean not having to take out laptops or liquids

The Transport Security Administration (TSA) plans to start testing a new 3D bag scanner at JFK's Terminal 8 later this month.

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ChrisW1897d ago

So... how much will our ticket prices skyrocket because of this?

Kostche1897d ago

should be more worried about how much radiation they be putting out, normal human ones that scan people are already poisoning people


The TSA is testing fingerprint screening for flight check-in

New biometric checkpoint screening process matches travelers' fingerprints with those already on file.


TSA paid IBM $47,400 for an app that only pointed right or left

The app is so simple it could have been created by nearly any beginning-level app developer.

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