Pics of the first MeeGo device on a Intel Atom based phone

Meego Experts - According to @playd there was an Intel press event held in Moscow today showing the first meego netbooks that go on sale. The Intel local executive also showed a tablet and phone, as pictured below:-

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Nokia says final sayonara to Symbian and MeeGo apps as store freezes updates

ZDNet- Nokia's Symbian and MeeGo app store entered a state of suspended animation yesterday, ahead of the store's total shutdown once it's in Microsoft's hands.


Jolla promises MeeGo will live on, plans new smartphone to reward the faithful

Engadget - More than a few N9 aficionados felt their hearts sink when important MeeGo team members left Nokia this week, putting the fate of the entire swipe-friendly platform in doubt. Recently-founded Jolla was clearly watching, as it confirmed just in the nick of time that it's planning to carry the torch further.

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MeeGo team says goodbye to Nokia, N9 quietly weeps

GSMArena - So, this is the end of the road the MeeGo team at Nokia, as Head of Development of MeeGo Sotiris Makrygiannis joined by other team members announced they are parting ways with the Espoo company.

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