Kinect Hack Makes You Invisible, No Metamaterials Required

POPSCI - You didn't think the enthusiasm for hacking the Kinect to make it do variously useful and silly things was going to end after two weeks, did you? It's just going to get better, so let's recap with two of the coolest new hacks. One makes you invisible, and one gives you the power of a certain mustachioed plumber.

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tplarkin73947d ago

I guess the Kinect stores the image of the background and then applies a map on the body?

However it's done, it's a cool effect!

toaster3947d ago

Most of these Kinect hacks are cooler than what MS does with the official Kinect software..

pwneddemocrat3947d ago

why the hell would i do that lol
that's so freaking boring, walking like that..
yea, lets all hack our kinect to see ourselves hidden in our rooms.

sam22363947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Optic camouflage, huh? I hope that's not your only trick.