HTC defends HD7 handsets after antenna problems reported

Computer Weekly - HTC has spoken out against internet reports that claim HTC HD7 handsets suffer from antenna 'death grip' problems, similar to those experienced by Apple's iPhone 4 users.

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60° Top Windows Phone 7 Phones

"With Nokia and Microsoft’s deal to put Windows on Nokia hardware, there will be more and more Windows Phone 7 phones soon (hopefully.) Nokia agreed to put Microsoft’s Window Phone 7 (WP7) operating systems on their handsets after Symbian, Nokia’s proprietary operating system, failed to capture consumers’ imaginations. Nokia’s current flagship phone, the Nokia N8 will likely be the last phone running the Symbian operating system. While Nokia has not released any new phones with the Windows Phone 7 operating system, it is only a matter of time before they produce some headsets running Windows. If you don’t want to wait for a Nokia phone, here are the top phones that run Windows Phone 7."

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O2 HTC HD7 gets NoDo Windows Phone 7 update

Pocket-Lint: If you own a HTC HD7 and are on the O2 in the UK network you’re now going to be able to cut and paste on your Windows Phone 7 smartphone to your hearts content.

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PC World - HTC HD7 smartphone Review

PC World - The HTC HD7 impressed us with its massive screen and built-in kickstand, but a few annoying quirks in its design detract from this smartphone's overall appeal. The HD7 remains an excellent Windows Phone 7 smartphone but sits a notch below Samsung's Omnia 7.

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