NASA Finds New Life

NASA has discovered a completely new life form that doesn't share the biological building blocks of anything currently living in planet Earth, using arsenic to build its DNA, RNA, proteins, and cell membranes. This changes everything.

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TheColbertinator3744d ago

Sounds great to see new life in the universe.The issue comes up now on how we extract that life form and bring it here for study.We know UFOs have come to Earth and we want to know which species has created those.

primesuspect3743d ago

Are you... kidding me right now? They didn't discover anything in space or extraterrestrial. It was from California.

Now, I admit that California can sometimes seem like another planet, but still...

Syko3743d ago

I've always found the thought that all life needs exactly what life on Earth does to exist, a bit narrow minded. While most scientist agree it was possible without proof it was hard to say otherwise.

Finding this in Mono Lake California is pretty cool too.

primesuspect3743d ago

What a totally BS headline: "discovered a completely new life form ... doesn't share .... anything currently living in planet Earth."

They discovered it ON EARTH, so it's always been here? Gotta love hyperbole.

tplarkin73743d ago

This has nothing to do with aliens. It's funny to see scientists calculate the odds of finding life on other planets when there is only one planet known to have it. You need at least two examples before you can calculate anything.

EskiJoe3743d ago

If you are refering to the Drake equation, I must say you don't need another planet with life to calculate anything...

Its just an equation, and every element in the equation can be set differently... Think of it, like, there (x,y,z,...,n) unknowns and the more data you get from observations you can 'dial' in on the values of those unkowns... You only get an estimation of the probability of finding intelligent life in the universe though.

Besides two people can find very different probabilities because they may choose very very different values for each unknown.

3743d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.