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U.S. Military Develops a Flying Armoured Car

It looks too far-fetched to be anything but a child’s toy.

But for front-line troops in Afghanistan, this revolutionary vehicle could soon be a reality.

The road-going army truck turns into a helicopter at the touch of a button, allowing it to fly above hazards such as roadside bombs.

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TheColbertinator3818d ago

Ha! That would be so cool.Hopefully a car company like Toyota or Ford mass produces it on a massive scale

INehalemEXI3817d ago

IED's problem /heli mode.

cpt_kaos3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

No IEDS but now heat seeking missles.

r2kcipher3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

This is a joke right!? The US military has brought us the best technology of this age but come on now. AMBUSHES!! The thing will get riddled with bullets in The time it takes to get off the ground? IED'S!! How would they fly over ied's without knowing where they are? 280 MILES!! Let's see them pull this off with less then 2 engines? WEAPONS!! Wheres a gun that can fire in all directions gonna go? We're still gonna need attack and support helicopters also!!

This tech is not in our near future... Nor should it be. Insurgents will find a way to blow this up with stuff invented a century ago.