Comcast internet down across parts of the eastern seaboard, fix on the way

Engadget: Twitter's abuzz with angry Comcast customers tonight, as internet service is down in Boston and parts of the eastern United States, a situation the company's since confirmed at its official Twitter account.

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TheColbertinator3822d ago

Comcast is one of the worst ISP companies around.I hear so much negative feedback from Comcast users all the time and they don't remain users for long.Eventually they give up and switch to AT&T,DirectTV or Verizon for their ISP needs.Hope this convinces more people to stop using such a horrendous ISP when doing online gaming

RustInPeace3821d ago

I disagree. I live in NJ & out of all the providers I have had, Comcast is the best for internet AND cable tv. Where I live now only gets Cablevision/Optimum, which is HORRENDOUS! Internet is slowest I have ever had, cable reception is almost always broken up (as if it were coming from a dish getting interference), and EVERY LITTLE THING like On Demand has to be paid for separately BY PACKAGE (paying for X channel does NOT give you access to that channels OD). Verizon internet is so-so, but the company itself is terrible (I had an internet plan with them that I canceled with no balance left with them, yet they STILL sent bills that were paid for years ago up until a few months ago.) For the east coast,at least NJ, it seems that Comcast is the only way to go considering what you get for the price they offer. If anyone on the east has a better provider, please share because I would LOVE to get rid of Cablevision ASAP!