The Tech Brands You Can Trust

Device manufacturers spend billions each year on designing, marketing, and advertising their products. That's what they need to do to get you to the counter to buy.

But how many of them are willing to spend the money it takes to ensure that their products hold up after the sale has been made, and to service the product if it breaks?

Those are important questions for customers to ask before they buy--and the key questions of PC World's annual Reliability and Service Survey. Each year PC World surveys thousands of their readers to find out which hardware manufacturers have the best--and worst--product reliability and customer service and support.

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toaster3809d ago

I have used many brands, some of them left a bad taste in mouth. I usually just stick to manufacturers that I know and trust. Customer support is very important and one of the big reasons why I will stick with a brand.

TheColbertinator3809d ago

Totally agree with you toaster.After a few years I have come to depend and rely on some trusted brands when it comes to computers,TVs and phones.

For TVs I prefer Sony and Samsung,Apple for laptops and Motorola for phones.Its also based on personal experience in my opinion.

michass83809d ago

it is all about brands. Bigger companies gives you better support, customer service and good prices... competition on the market is tough but by paying a bit more for brands, that are there years, you buying the 'guarantee' and you know that your hardware is made from the best components, not cheap substitutes. Big companies not afford for mistakes and for failure products, it is equal to dead in the todays market...