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ARM co-founder: Intel is doomed

GGG: Intel is doomed, Hermann Hauser has claimed in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. If you don't know who Hauser is, he happens to be one of the co-founders of ARM -- possibly Intel's most dangerous foe in the semiconductor marketplace, when also-rans like AMD and VIA are removed from the equation.

Because of his background, Hauser isn't the most impartial of sources. However, he does offer a couple of compelling arguments.

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toaster4269d ago

LOL Cool story. Intel may not be the best manufacturer of mobile chips but their desktop line outclasses anything and everything on the market. I don't see Intel going anywhere but up.

Fadetoblack694268d ago

This guy is on crack, personally I use AMD but I have tried ARM's and so far they have all sucked.