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iPad Beats Gaming Consoles as Most Desired Electronic This Holiday

This news should come of no surprise considering that over 3 million iPads sold in only 3 months of its release. The iPad is the new trend, if your grandma wants an iPad, then you know the product is a hit. But what about the kids’ holiday wishes? Gaming consoles are sure to beat the iPad as most desired among kids, right? Wrong!

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TheColbertinator3821d ago

Not only is the Ipad the trendiest electronic to get right now,its also the most useful.So many uses for it and it will continue to get upgrades as the years go along.Right now the PS3 and 360 are in a slump as gimmick accessories like Move and Kinect stink up the game shelves.Sony and Microsoft should already know that Move/Kinect already came out.Its called the Wii

michass83820d ago

it seems to be very popular device for kids in 6-12, but over 13 years old people prefer different devices... any way over 3 millions units sold (WOW) well done Apple!