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iPad 2 to Feature USB, Facetime, New Display and More

Appyzilla: After claiming few elusive awards such as “The Most talk about Device” “The Best thing ever happened to Evolution” and grasping the No.1 spot for becoming the most delighful gift ever on Christmas, to make it more special.

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TheColbertinator3823d ago

Its getting really creepy that Apple always finds some thing to add to their iDevices and can always charge the launch price so that they make the most profit.Personally I think the time is coming soon when Apple will pull a "Sony" and deliver an incredibly overpriced device that not even Apple fanboys will want to pick up.

Sahil3823d ago

@ The Colbertinator

Dude absolutely spot on.
Apple in 3-4 years is totally gonna mess up like Sony did with their Laptops and other highly over-priced stuf but now they are getting back to lower prices. Apple's still on it's honeymoon :)

TheColbertinator3823d ago


Haha I guess its too soon then.We shall wait and see