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Sony's Qriocity video-on-demand services goes live in Europe

Engadget: Sony said it was coming, and come it has. Just in time for expatriated Americans basking in the glory of being paid in pounds to enjoy over "Thanksgiving," Sony has flipped the switch on its Qriocity on-demand movie service.

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TheColbertinator3817d ago

I wish Sony would take its time and unleash Qriocity when its truly completed.Right now Qriocity is taking place on my PSP and does nothing.Sony should reconsider how they want to launch new services seeing as the latest update is the only useful one in the entire year

michass83816d ago

nice new competition for Netflix... it would be cool to stream movies and music to your psp...
but apparently Europe is just a few countries, most of European countries will still get message : "Qriocity is not available in your country." ... :D