5 Websites That Used to Rule the Internet

The Internet generation is stunningly disloyal. Brands mean very little to us. Our parents might never have bought anything other than a Ford car, or a Westinghouse refrigerator, but we switch online services without a second thought.

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Tuxmask553814d ago

I used to have a Geocities website. It all went downhill once Yahoo bought them, though.

TheColbertinator3813d ago

Geocities was the top dog during its time just like when AOL was th most popular choice for going on the internet.After the dot com crash,everything changed and new players stepped into town.

Pandemic3813d ago

I still find Hotmail a website that ruled the internet, by internet I mean email services.

Speed-Racer3812d ago

Dunno what his deal is on Hotmail. maybe Im accustomed to using adblockers etc. Anyway, I still use both hotmail and gmail frequently.

As for slashdot, I dont like how stories were selected by a team rather than being community approved. I hate reddit and digg. I only visit reddit for the laughs, but finding anything serious is an occasional thing.