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5 Facebook profile pics that make you look like a tool

(CNN) -- If a Facebook picture is worth a thousand words, we're pretty sure there's one word in the lexicon you'd be loath to have associated with you: tool.

(Unless you're a handyman, in which case, carry on.)

Yes, Facebook started off as a gated community for college kids awkwardly trolling for chicks in their rooms because the outside world was just too bright ... too bright. But now, as Mark Zuckerberg sallies forth with his plan to consume all of society, it has become kind of legit.

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Dday1413826d ago

So according to this, I don't look like a tool if my Facebook shot is a photo showing how my penis is larger than a pepsi can?

iliimaster3825d ago

you actually get paid for this? LMAO damn man hook me up

mortalrage3825d ago

"Oh, the "MySpace shot" -- in which men pose shirtless in front of their bathroom mirrors and women pout into their boobs.

You think it makes you look sexy, but, truth be told, it makes you look like you have no friends. Which makes sense, considering the dudes are always hanging out shirtless in the bathroom and the chicks always look so freaking depressed."

I agree, people don't know how to be themselves anymore. Kinda sad in so many ways.

fatstarr3825d ago

why would cnn write this o.o