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Microsoft Xbox Kinect: One Month Later

It has been nearly a month since Microsoft’s new Kinect motion controller has been released into the mainstream media and it has already been stirring up controversial as well as extemporary reviews globally.

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TheColbertinator3825d ago

Looks like the hype and excitement for Kinect has died down.I saw gamers,developers,publishers all going gaga for this gimmick and slowly they will realize its the Wii effect all over again.

Microsoft wanted to cash in the Wii success with their own motion controls and non-delusional gamers have realized this.There is only one place that Kinect belongs and that is the bargain bin.While we abandon Kinect,I would throw in Wii Music and PS Move as well.They are nothing but horrendous mistakes in the gaming industry.

Captain Tuttle3825d ago

Nah, it's just starting. People will play this over the holiday weekend at friend's houses and want to get one. Just like the Wii in it's early days. I'm not saying Kinect will sell like the Wii, it won't even be close. But it'll do alright for MS this Christmas. I think you'll see a big drop off in late spring, early summer of 2011. By then MS will have dropped the price a bit and that little push Kinect gets will have died down.

Who knows though. I'm full of turkey and beer right now.

uxo223824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

I had friends over yesterday, and we did a little dance central and kinect sports. They had so much fun that they said that they we going out first thing this morning to find them a Kinect system. Lucky for them they already own an xbox so they'll only need to spend money for Kinect and the games that they want.

@TheColbertinator - Nice try, but your troll attempt has failed.

krisprolls3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

Tuttle, what you want as a fanboy is different from facts and truth.

Truth is, Kinect is already forgotten in every country except the US (it sells a bit in the UK too but that's all). Nobody cared about it and it even didn't reach PS Move sales until now (1.3 million Kinect worldwide vs 3 million PS Move).

It's a huge failure for MS, especially considering they had a 500 million marketing budget. Right now they're probably several hundred millions in the red with the Kinect project (R&D must have been very costly too for nothing).

1.3 million is pityful compared to what they hoped for.

Check on Amazon, it's not even in top 20 anywhere anymore except the US (one country).

EVILDEAD3603823d ago

'When Microsoft xBox first showcased Project Natal at E3-2010, they did show off the NetFlix application allowing users to play and pause movies with voice command.'

LOL @ the fan bloggers whos simply can't get simple info right..

At this years E3, Microsft showed Kinect working with Zune movies and music(not Netflix), and when it released it still works perfectly with Zune.

Kinect sold a Million in the first 10 days and is flying off of the shelves this holiday. I went to Walmart and some girl was playing Dance Central and the crowd was going crazy. Some seeing it for the first time.

I personally know people who bought bundles on the straenth of seeing it at my place alone. But, that doesn't even come close to what going to happen this holiday.

Kinect will sell through this holiday and push great numbers for Microsft.

With the device predicted to sell half as many bundles as the stand-alone models it's doing exactly what Micrsoft envisioned it to do..sell consoles.

The analysts are eating crow saying the device would'nt sell at the curent price and it's doing just that.

The 500 Million campaign is for at leat 2 years of advertising. People keep pretending its for the launch alone.

At the end of the day, If Kinect is pushing hardware, Xbox Live acounts, and game sales equals a huge win for the Microsoft.

How much it sells remains to be seen..

Personally, I've been playing since launch and I own 6 games..the holidays only confirmed what I originally thought..this thing makes people feel like the days when we first owned the Wii


DarenG3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

krisprolls. Speaking of don't seem to know much. MS original projections were to sell 500,000 units. Meaning that MS anticipated a slow adoption rate. They revised their projections after seeing double the pre-orders. They have now sold double what they thought. So, the "truth" is 1.3 million is actually better the what they had projected.

MS has a long term plan for Kinect. It was never projected to move 20 million units in one week type plan. Capturing over 1 million casual users they didn't have before, which will in turn buy XBOX live accounts and DLC is no small chunk of change. Plus there are rumored over 50+ games in Development. Sounds like a long term plan to me. The goal of Kinect was to expand the lifecycle of the 360 while giving gamers some new tech. It was never meant to push the type of numbers seen when a new console launches.

It's way too early to tell if that plan succeeds. However, your sounding more like fan boy then Tuttle by calling it a failure and not knowing the facts yourself.

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giovonni3824d ago

Capt is right, I have a connect and took it to a friends house and they are so surprised and happy with the thing they want it for xmas. As long as ms comes with great games for it its going to be here for a while

BDSE3823d ago

You think if you had a Kinect you'd know how to spell it properly.

michass83824d ago

totally agree, I think that every xBox owner want to upgrade their console with Kinect... at the moment it is a bit too expensive but in early 2011 when the price will drop, most xBox users will get one... even just to have one... It will sell...

captainjy3824d ago

Kinect hype died down? What rock are you under? Everywhere we went today for Black Friday, Kinect was completely sold out. Only place my sister-in-law could get one was on Microsoft Store Online.

When Kinect first launched, I had a feeling it wasn't going to do well, but as the weeks have progressed, Kinect has been going crazy. That's all I hear about on TV, news or Web. It's just starting. MS hit a home run. Very fun!

krisprolls3823d ago

In one country in the world it sold ok (the US) but still under expectations.

Everywhere else (300+ countries) nobody cared. Kinect will be discontinued soon.

s45gr323824d ago

Well I guess kinect is a hit and I give up already in the sense that kinect is just an overhyped eyetoy and wait for kung fu live for PS3 it does what kinect does in terms of gaming via playstation eye. This article is pure hype for kinect nothing more nothing less no facts whatsoever. I still cannot believe that people fell for it oh well, guess if people like it there is nothing I can do about it.

TheLastGuardian3824d ago

The PS Eye can do what Kinect can. Hopefully Dance Central will get ported to PS3 with Move support added.

mcstorm3823d ago

I think its funny when people say kinect is just a eye toy and the eye toy can do the same as kinect because it really can't. First off with the eye toy you need a clear back ground to play games and with kinect you don't. Only people who are playing an eye toy game can be in its view kinect you don't. Every game needs a different setting and hight for the eye toy kinect you set up once and never need to move it again. Eye toy will not work in low light kinect will. I have both the eye toy and kinect and kinect is the far better tech and MS have done a good job with it so far but just like they have done with the Xbox 360 I can see kinect getting better with each update released for it. Yes at this moment it has no so called core games for it but they will come and the kinect games are a much need change for the 360 to not just be seen as a fps console. MS are onto a winner with kinect and has proved every ps fan boy on this site wrong.

DarenG3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

TheLastGuardian, only people who don't own the Kinect would say such a thing. I have the PS3 Eye and the Kinect and the Eye toy is no Kinect. It doesn't even come close. I think the Eye toy was the first attempt and the technology was not far enough along at that time. The PS3 had the right idea but just at the wrong time. The Eye Toy sucks. I bought the dang thing and a month after I bought it, it's collecting dust. The fact that I now have to go out and buy MOVE to get any more use out of my Eye Toy proves that.

pinksteak093822d ago

@mcstorm, ps eye and eyetoy are 2 different things smh